Arts & Crafts Fun

I walk around the huge street fair every year by my home because there is so much to do. I’ve always been attracted to all of the arts and crafts that you can buy for the indoors and outdoors. Sometimes I end up spending way more money than I would like to, it is usually well worth it. I always take my kids during the day to get their face painted, let them jump around in the bounce house and then off to get an ice cream. When I am hungry there is always a wide variety of food booths and it takes me forever to figure out what I want to eat.

At night I always head back to listen to music and dance the night away to one of the many bands that are playing. I always buy a ton of tickets for the beer tent, get buzzed up and then find a fuck buddy to go home.

Backing Out

I purchased two tickets to go out on a river tour about three months ago, I was so excited! It is very hard to get tickets when the boat is in town because they go very fast. I was ok with getting the lower level of the boat but I did want the upper level.

I asked my lady friend if she would like to accompany me and she ended up backing out at the very last minute. My next alternative was to call the Sheffield escorts agency to see if they could send a gal on over for me. They did and she met me right in the parking lot where the boat was to shove off. Needless to say, I had a great time with this female escort! The night was still young when we got back and we ended up hanging out at my house watching movies the rest of the night.

I’m thinking of starting a new business

Times are tough and the economy has taken a drop, life as I know it sometimes dictates that you must “do what you have to do”. I have been toying with this idea of starting an escort service. Life being one of the Heathrow escorts that I know doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched idea for me. The revenue and fun that could be gained would be welcomed. The hours of employment could be flexible and probably would allow for a student like me to finish school. Being an escort would also introduce me to a social network that would offer a more influential and upper grade of acquaintances.

The social contacts could lead to a bunch of financial opportunities. The clients that I have met usually are quite generous and usually always show gratitude through monetary means. Professionalism is a must for whatever escort service I would consider starting.

Good times in Manchester

A trip to Manchester doesn’t have to boring. If your going alone but do not want to be alone then consider calling Manchester escorts for some company and some fun. Haveing someone to chat with during your time in Manchester can make things much more fun and exciting. You can take your new friend to the movies or out to eat.

There are many things to do in Manchester and an escort will help to pass the time. Try and go to a few of the historical places that the city has to offer. Take a walk through the cities China town and grab a quick bite to eat and then grab a drink at one of Manchester’s many bars or taverns. Most of the pubs will usually have some very good live entertainment for you and your friends to enjoy.

Roll on the weekend

Katy and Annabelle, two Nottingham escorts, will be meeting Dave and I at the nightclub we go to every Saturday night. They are both really nice girls that we’ve taken out quite a few times before. I’ll need to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners on Saturday afternoon and make sure we’ve got plenty of beers in the fridge just in case the girls want to come back to the flat with us when the club has closed. We’ll probably have a lie in on Sunday because it’s back to work for us both on Monday morning. We both work hard but we play hard too. The weekends are all we look forward to. We like to make sure that we’ve got plenty of money in our pockets to spend on women and booze. I don’t think either of us will ever settle down in a relationship because we enjoy the single life too much.

What a surprise

I don’t usually answer my mobile if I don’t recognise the number on the screen but for some reason I did this evening. You can imagine my surprise when the voice at the end of the phone introduced himself as Dave and said that we had met a few months before albeit briefly. Dave was on of the London model escorts that Brady and I went t dinner with n her birthday celebration weekend. My first thoughts were, how did he get my mobile number but I quickly remembered that I had given it to him before we parted at the end of the night. To be honest I hadn’t really expected him to keep the number let alone call me on it, it was just one of those drunken things you do when you’re having a good time.

My Off Time

I am a Earls Court escorts companion and I work long hours about 6 days a week. Most of my clients that are date are on a weekly basis and I am very close with them. They always pay me great and I always go out of my way so that I am available when they need me. I have gone many places from boating excursions, beaches, vacations, parks, public events, parties and much more. Basically, I will go with them where ever they want to go!

On my off time, I donate my time to an animal rescue foundation in my hometown who work long hours to find dogs and cats a good home. I have saved a couple of cute kittens and brought them home with me, they are so adorable! The do charge a cheap adoption fee which is $30.00 for each animal and they come with all up to date shots.

My Type of Job

Every time I pick up the newspaper there are always numerous ads plastered across the entire thing. This week is was Derby escorts, a new hotel that got build and the same old restaurant number that has been in the paper for years. It just seems like they should have a seperate paper specifically made for business ads, wanted ads and job ads. I am thinking about possibly taking up that job myself. I am not sure where I would go to ask about it or how I would do it, but I do know it would make a lot of people happy. No one wants to have to skip through pages of the newspaper they bought, just to get to what they want. All the unncessary pages like the ads, should come seperate. So as of today, that is my new goal. I am going to start looking in to it and do some research on how to put together this type of newspaper.